There is an increasing requirement of air and biological monitoring within the preventive framework of identifying and controlling health hazards at the work place and in the environment. For the characterisation of exposure to chemical and biological agents, sensitive, selective and user-friendly methods and relevant sampling strategies are needed. In recent years there has been a continuous development in this field, and it is essential to promote the knowledge of newly developed methods and strategies for workplace, indoor and ambient air monitoring, as well as to establish biological exposure indices that can be used together with, or instead of, workplace and environmental measurements. Five previous meetings have been held to facilitate interdisciplinary and interjectory discussion about these aspects of air monitoring: Geilo (1993, 1999, and 2008), Lillehammer (2002), Loen (2005) in Norway, and Sälen (1996) in Sweden.


Objectives and Main Topics

The goals of the symposium are to provide a forum at which recent progress in exposure assessment strategies and analytical air sampling methodologies can be discussed. This year the scope has been extended to include also aspects of biological monitoring and identification of biological markers of exposure.

The symposium is expected to provide an opportunity for an interchange of ideas among researchers, policy makers and practitioners in occupational health and environmental sciences. Regulatory issues will be addressed as well. After the symposium the participants will have comprehensive knowledge of recent developments in this field.

Short courses (approximately 2-3 hours duration) will also be offered to all participants. These courses are planned as part of the conference and will be held three to four in parallel each day.




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