Loen is situated on the west coast of Norway between Ålesund and Bergen in the bottom of Nordfjord close to Stryn. The Airmon 2011 symposium will be held at Hotel Alexandra, Loen, Norway. All sessions will be held in the various auditoriums of the hotel.

View of the Loen Lake

The tower on to of Mount Skåla

Geiranger fjord

Climate and Clothing

On the west coast of Norway the climate in June is pleasant with an average temperature of 20 C. Light clothing with a sweater and raincoat for an occasional and rainy evening are recommended. For the excursions, you are advised to bring warm clothing and suitable walking shoes.

Today and next four days weather forecast for the village Stryn, situated close to Loen.

Hotel Alexandra has an excellent indoor swimming pool, so don't forget your swimming suit.

How to reach Loen, Norway

Please use your local travel agent when booking air tickets from your home country to destinations in Norway. This may give you maximum discounts on the Norwegian domestic flights. For further information concerning local time-tables, fares, etc. please contact your travel agent or the relevant links at this web page.  

Please note: Each participant pays for the transport from the airport at the hotel

Air route via Sandane Airport:

There are daily Widerøe flights between Oslo/Bergen and Sandane Airport by Dash 8 (50 seats). Sandane Airport is located about 70 km from Loen, approximately 70 minutes by coach. The Hotel Alexandra will arrange your coach service between the airport and the hotel according to your booking arrangements (see below).

Air route via Ålesund Airport:

If you prefer to travel by a larger-sized plane (Boeing 737), you must use the Ålesund Airport, Vigra, 140 km from Loen. SAS operates at Ålesund Airport. Travel time by coach from Vigra to Loen is about 3 hours along a route with magnificient scenery. The Hotel Alexandra will arrange your coach service between Vigra Airport and the hotel according to your booking requirements (see below).   

By bus:

Nor-Way Bus departures from Oslo daily (in the morning) with arrival in the afternoon at Stryn. You may also use the night bus leaving Oslo in the evening with arrival the next morning. Take a bus or a taxi from Stryn to Hotel Alexandra.

Nor-Way Bus departures from Bergen daily. Travel time to Stryn is approximately 6,5 hours. The bus stops at Hotel Alexandra.

By rail:

From Oslo travel by rail to Otta, and from there take a bus to Loen (200 km further).  

By road:

If your prefer to drive, the journey from Oslo to Loen (500 km) will probably take you 7-9 hours. If delegates share a car, travel costs can be reduced considerably.

Alexandra Hotel Pick-up prices 2011

All prices, one-way, per person, NOK

Sandane Airport, Anda, :

1 person                                                            730
2 persons                                                           600 
3 persons                                                           490  
4 persons                                                           370
5 – 12 persons                                                    340

Hovden Airport, Ørsta/ Volda

1 person                                                             940
2 persons
3 persons                                                            700
4 persons                                                            585
5 – 12 persons                                                     505

Ålesund Airport, Vigra

1 person                                                           1 180
2 persons                                                          
1 050
3 person
s                                                             920
4 persons                                                             815
5 – 8 persons                                                        765

9 – 12 persons


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